About us

Daniel&Jacob’s is a family-run business founded by two brothers called – yep, you guessed it – Daniel and Jacob. Here’s their story.

Jacob, the dad of two, is into dancing, kitesurfing, and all kinds of adventures. He even has a soft spot for limoncello. “He used to be the better-looking one,” Daniel spills, “but with age, he’s looking more and more like his old English bulldog Pearl. And those dance moves? Getting weirder by the day.”

Daniel, the dad of three, is all about natural wine, skiing, and eating out. A tech enthusiast, he loves chatting about the latest gadgets. “Daniel is a good guy,” Jacob confesses. “But he talks too much. And he had red bowl hair as a kid. Just sayin’.”

Both dream of handing the business baton to their kids, continuing a family tradition spanning four generations. “In our family, we keep our business within the family. No reason to change that,” Jacob says with a smile.

D&J timeline

Back in 2013, Jacob was one of the first Airbnb hosts in Copenhagen, welcoming guests and sharing local secrets and insights.

“Hey Daniel, this is cool,” he told his brother, who quickly got on board. The brothers, tired of overpriced and lacklustre hotel rooms, enjoyed living like locals when travelling themselves.

Yet, it soon dawned on them that private holiday rentals had their downsides. Not every stay met expectations, and Airbnb’s effect on some cities was anything but pleasant to behold. Once cosy neighbourhoods were transformed into 24-hour party zones for drunken zombies.

“There’s gotta be a better way,” they mused. Drawing on their family’s entrepreneurial spirit, they cooked up a plan. Why not combine modern hotel efficiency with the cosy charm of local apartments, all made possible by technology? Imagine 24/7 service, easy check-ins, and guests revelling in clean, well-maintained, personally decorated apartments in the heart of the city!

The brothers now had a new business. They started their adventure under the name Into This Place and opened up exquisitely decorated boutique apartments around Copenhagen.

Their journey took a turn in 2017 when they snagged leases in the city centre, converting them into hotel apartments. Fast forward, they were managing 25 diverse units to the delight of their guests and visitors.

Fuelled by the success. They started pitching the concept to property owners, landing major projects in 2019. Twelve apartments in a 1000 m2 office space in Dahlerupsgade and running 21 hotel apartments by the waterfront.

2020 threw a curveball with COVID-19 threatening the hotel business worldwide. Daniel and Jacob, savvy entrepreneurs, pivoted. They shifted focus to ex-pats, business travellers, and long-term stays, weathering the storm.

As the world healed, tourists trickled back, and 2022 saw the brothers and their business roar back to life. Success fueled further ambitions. In 2023, a partnership with Basecamp unfolded, bringing new locations outside Copenhagen. And brace yourself for 2024 – a grand hotel with 70 apartments in Århus.

Rooted in family values, Daniel and Jacob keep the operation close-knit, like a big family.

Their journey will move on. They envision 250-500 urban studios and boutique apartments popping up across Denmark and European cities in the next five years, offering savvy and quality-conscious travellers a more sustainable, authentic alternative to those cookie-cutter hotel complexes and crummy private rentals.

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